Monday, June 25, 2018

Immigration Man by Graham Nash


  1. Immigration Man by Graham Nash

    There I was
    At the immigration scene
    Shining and feeling clean
    Could it be a sin?
    I got stopped by the immigration man
    He said he doesn't know if he can
    Let me in
    Let me in, immigration man
    Can I cross the line and pray
    I can stay another day
    Let me in, immigration man
    I won't toe your line today
    I can't see it anyway
    Hey, hey.

    There he was
    With his immigration face
    Giving me a paper chase
    But the son was coming
    'Cause all at once
    He looked into my space
    And stamped a number over my face
    And it sent me running
    Won't you let me in, immigration man
    Can I cross the line and pray
    I can stay another day
    Won't you let me in, immigration man
    I won't toe your line today
    I can't see it anyway.

    Here I am
    With my immigration form
    It's big enough to keep me warm
    When the cold wind's coming
    Go where you will
    As long as you think you can
    You'd better watch out, watch out for the man
    Anywhere you're going
    Come on and let me in, immigration man
    Can I cross the line and pray
    Take your fingers from the tray
    Let me in, irritation man
    I won't toe your line today
    I can see it anyway.

  2. Trump doubles down on rejecting undocumented immigrants with no due process:

    “Donald Trump doubled down Monday [June 25] on his likely unconstitutional assertion that rather than hiring more judges to handle immigration cases on the southern border, undocumented immigrants should instead be immediately sent back to their country of origin avoiding any interaction with the U.S. court system.

    “‘People must simply be stopped at the Border and told they cannot come into the U.S. illegally. Children brought back to their country,’ Trump said in a series of morning tweets. ‘If this is done, illegal immigration will be stopped in it’s (sic) tracks - and at very little, by comparison, cost.’”

  3. From Henry Giroux:


    "The caging of children, even infants, and their separation from their families points not only to a standard fascist tactic. That is, using children as an instrument of fear to threaten those considered enemies or disposable. It also reflects a deep seated hatred of the women who reproduce them--a line of thought rarely mentioned in the immigration debates.

    "The old fascism invested in young people in an effort to control them while the new neoliberal fascism writes youth out of the future. Underneath and rarely mentioned in the new fascism is the connection between white men who feel left out and define themselves as victims and their fear of women, which largely supports Trump's war on women.

    "What is crucial to understand is that fascism is largely normalized by anchoring identities in a notion of individual responsibility that kills off any notion of the social, social responsibility, and collective struggle. At the same time, it eviscerates the notion of freedom and reduces to a sclerotic consumerism, a steroid-driven masculinity, and the freedom to hate.

    "A crucial tool for forging a culture of fascism is to accelerate the culture of cruelty with an endless discourse of dehumanization--backed up by a massive state-aligned propaganda machine in the form of the ethically bankrupt Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting, Breittbart News, and other corporate mouthpieces. Hence, Trump and his spineless anti-public intellectuals use words when referring to immigrant children such as 'infest' 'vermin,' 'animals,' 'child actors,' and the crude making of noises by a Trump apologists at the mention of a Down Syndrome child being separated from his parent. This is all part of the pedagogy of fascism who aim is to teach Americans to learn to think the unthinkable, unimaginable, and the morally repulsive" -Henry Giroux.