Friday, August 23, 2013

Coming Attractions: The Committee of Ten’s Procrustean Illogic by John Dillon

“Procrustean:  (adjective) from the noun Procrustes, a mythological and lawless bandit who terrorized the countryside surrounding Athens, Greece until he was defeated by the hero Theseus.  Procrustes had two very different beds, one very short and one very long.  Captured travelers were forced to lie upon a bed.  Those too short to fit were stretched to death, and those too tall had their legs and feet cut off. 

“The word Procrustean has therefore come to describe a person’s imposing a conformity or reason without any real concern for individuality or factuality…

“Very soon now, we will likely witness committee members schmoozing on radio and parading on TV with the compromise proposal intended to pass both House and Senate in the fall veto session. 

“The task of finding an answer to the state’s debt problem without seeking revenue solutions – instead taking from promised benefits of future, current, and past workers – will assure a litany of upcoming Procrustean explanations – as well as a court challenge…”

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