Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thank You, Illinois Representatives, for Voting “No” on HB 1154, 1165 and 1166

Thank You, Illinois Representatives, for not Breaking a Constitutional Contract with Public Employees:

Mike Bost (R) Carbondale, 618-457-5787

Dan Brady (R) Normal, 309-662-1100

Rich Brauer (R) Springfield, 217-782-0053

Adam Brown (R) Champaign, 217-607-5104

Jerry Costello (D) Red Bud, 618-282-7284

Norine Hammond (R) Macomb, 309-836-2707

Chad Hays (R) Danville, 217-477-0104

Naomi Jakobsson (D) Champaign, 217-373-5000

Bill Mitchell (R) Decatur, 217-876-1968

Donald Moffitt (R) Galesburg, 309-343-8000

Brandon Phelps (D) Harrisburg, 618-253-4189

Raymond Poe (R) Springfield, 217-782-0044

Wayne Rosenthal (R) Litchfield, 217-324-5200

Sue Scherer (D) Decatur, 217-877-9636

Mike Smiddy (D) Port Byron, 309-848-9098

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