Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Like So-called "Pension Reform": It's Quite Simple

Let’s imagine we haven’t paid our bills for a very long time, perhaps our mortgage or rent, taxes and insurance policies, credit cards and utility bills. Now let’s do what Illinois politicians are trying to do to public employees: let’s ask our banks, county collector, and companies to whom we are indebted to pay down what we owe them. 

That’s right! It’s quite simple; besides it’s all about “shared sacrifice,” isn’t it? So let’s write our own piece of legislation and proclaim that bank and business CEOs must cap their earnings, raise their retirement ages, reduce their Cost-of-Living Adjustments, and shift the burden of debts to them instead of us. In short, let's break a contract!

As many politicians have often whined that we have to do something, our crafty idea is just like the Illinois General Assembly’s so-called “pension reform” bill.

And like these liars and thieves who are attempting to break a constitutional contract with public employees, let’s shift our debts to those for whom we owe money and hire lobbyists from the Civic Committee, Civic Federation or Illinois Policy Institute; let's enlist corporate-owned media, like the Chicago Tribune and other corporate-bought entities, to promulgate our scam. Let's bribe a few dishonest lawyers and accountants to put pressure on our lenders and to challenge the legality of what is owed. Let's also claim we are in a financial crisis, but it's not our fault!

Do we think it would be that simple for us to transfer the burden of what we owe our moneylenders, to challenge our contractual obligations in the courts, and to rewrite the laws and policies in our favor? After all, we would be simply following the egregious, corrupt tradition of Illinois politics.

-Glen Brown


  1. from Joni Lindgren:

    How about writing a bill that will reduce legislators’ salaries and COLAs as a “shared sacrifice”? Let’s also include that they are not allowed to pass bills that give tax incentives and tax loopholes, or that allow corporations to hoard their profits off-shore...?

    I get so ticked off that they continue with the same wording over and over and we, the taxpayers, have to pay and pay for legislator's salaries/COLAs/ and other benefits....AND for all the "entitlements" we give away to the wealthy and their corporations! What legalized robbery!

    Can you tell I've had it with so-called "shared sacrifice" when we're the only ones who they want to make bleed? Morons...


  2. The level of political lies, propaganda and legalized corruption is beyond the level where most people can even imagine what is actually happening.
    TV and other major media repeat the lies by pretending the press releases they are sent are actually news. For a thousand years medieval city streets were curved and twisted because people believed the devil moved in straight lines as his demons spread illness and plague. The Grand Inquisitor and all the priests he ruled over announced this as God-given truth. Today, we have Madigan and all of his ilk.

  3. I saw The Big Short over the weekend. In George Carlin style, the narrator suggested that The Housing/Economic Meltdown would ultimately be blamed on the low income, immigrants and was a classic line and so true. As educators we're one of the fall guys for Corporate America. Unfortunately, there are too many within the Public who have bought into it.